CHRE seeks volunteer/intern to work on Fracking Florida research …

The Center for Human Rights and Environment (CHRE) seeks a volunteer to assist the center with research related to the oil and gas sector in the State of Florida, including the potential for hydraulic fracturing activities to take place in Florida and the social and environmental risks that this would imply for the State. Activities for the internship will include:

  • General oil/gas and hydraulic fracturing¬†research
  • Assistance with drafting research paper on potential of hydraulic fracturing in Florida (risks and impacts)
  • Assistance with the development of a university level course on hydraulic fracturing (risks/impacts/characteristics)
  • Assistance with the development of mobile training for public officials and the general public on hydraulic fracturing
  • Assistance with research on Florida environmental and social vulnerabilities to hydraulic fracturing
  • Assistance with the review and possible development of draft legislation and regulations on hydraulic fracturing
  • Engagement with Florida State Legislative Representatives and local Councils (city and county) on hydraulic fracturing regulations/laws

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